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Kassidy Barnett, LMSW

Clinical Therapist, Eating Disorders

Kassidy Barnett received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Eastern Michigan University and her master’s degree in social work from Grand Valley State University. She always knew she wanted to work in eating disorder treatment and is passionate about helping other people restore and heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

Kassidy’s interest in eating disorders and passion for eating disorder recovery is what led her to become a therapist. After graduate school, she began working as a home-based therapist, mainly with families and children. She went on to work as an infant mental health therapist before joining Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders (now Sanford CTED).

As a therapist, Kassidy has the honor of learning about someone’s story and the experiences that have led them to seek therapy. She is also a relational therapist and loves connecting with others. In her free time, Kassidy and her husband are “along for the ride” as their 1 1/2 years-old son joyfully explores the world. They enjoy tackling home renovation projects together and spending time in Northern Michigan, especially during the summer months.

Kassidy says, “I believe that by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open to looking deeper into our experiences and examining our influences, we can cultivate a positive relationship with food and our bodies. I view myself as a trusted, safe and nonjudgmental support to walk alongside you on your journey to uncovering your more authentic self.”