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Jenna VanVeldhuisen, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian, Eating Disorders

Jenna VanVeldhuisen received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Calvin College and went on to earn a second bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in dietetics from D’Youville College. Her eating disorder (ED) experience began while working for a treatment center in Syracuse, New York. She completed part of her graduate level internship at the ED center and was then offered a part-time job.

Jenna watched a close friend and family member struggle with eating disorders, and it sparked a passion for this population. That is why she applied for a job with Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders (now Sanford CTED) after moving to Michigan from New York two years ago.

As a registered dietitian working with eating disorders, Jenna is able to help individuals reconnect with food and their bodies. It is her goal to help struggling individuals foster a healthy relationship with food; and she loves being part of that restoration process.

In her free time, Jenna and her husband love to spend time outdoors, whether hiking, gardening or running. They also enjoy traveling and exploring the National Parks! When she’s home Jenna reads, cooks and enjoys family time with her daughter.

Jenna says, “EVERY body deserves food freedom! As a clinician I am passionate about bridging the gap between an unhealthy relationship with food and one’s body to help individuals find true food freedom.”