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Bethany Fisk, RN, CARN

Director of Nursing

Bethany Fisk is a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse and HIV Prevention Specialist and Counselor. She became a Registered Nurse in  2010,with the goal of dedicating her career to providing care to underserved populations with a special interest in the substance use disorder field. Bethany has worked in both the public and private health sectors, in administrative and direct care patient roles. She has worked in all continuums of care from medication-assisted therapy to sub-acute detox, while also gaining considerable experience in internal medicine, cardiology, and communicable disease.  

 Bethany says, “It is very rewarding watching people regain their health and spirit by empowering them to prioritize and maintain recovery. I have used my knowledge and experience to educate individuals and colleagues through community outreach, expert interviews, and nursing leadership.”

 As Director of Nursing, Bethany helps recruit, maintain, and grow Sanford’s nursing and nursing support team. She is active in creating training programs, up-to-date protocols, policies and procedures, and continued education opportunities.  She also serves as a bridge to providers and other interdisciplinary team members, working with the leadership team to ensure cohesive, holistic care is delivered to Sanford patients. Bethany takes pride in providing a positive work environment that is founded in benevolence, teamwork, work-life balance, and respect. She says, “We have built a wonderful team of experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate nurses and nurse support staff and I look forward to the future of Sanford Nursing!” 

When Bethany is not working, she likes exploring and going on adventures with her family.   

“Working as the Director of Nursing at Sanford is an amazing experience. To be part of an organization that is actively looking for the shortcomings in substance use disorder and mental health treatment and working to fix them is very refreshing.  I am grateful to be able to aid in this by building and enriching our fantastic nursing team! We are keeping up to date with best practice guidelines so that our clients remain safe, comfortable, and can focus on their recovery. There is implicit bias in healthcare with persons who suffer from addiction. It is one of my greatest joys to educate and train nurses and other medical professionals to understand the disease  process of addiction and find compassion and reward in working in the field.” Bethany Fisk